Welcome to the home of Indoor Karting in Wellington
Winner of Wellington's Tourism Award for Best Indoor Activity.
Indoor Grand Prix is the longest established facility of its kind in New Zealand, and represents the best value for money entertainment in Wellington!
Whether you’re looking for that Team Building exercise or that Social Club Function, Indoor Grand Prix is your solution. Having built a solid reputation over the last 17 years entertaining the Corporate market of Wellington, we know how to make your event a success. For groups of 5 people and up, there is a Corporate racing option for you.
Enduro Teams Racing
Groups of 10 or more
The format that the others all try to copy. It is designed for groups of 10 or more drivers, and creates a special blend of fun success and motivation in a Team Building environment. The format kicks off with  registration for drivers, a full drivers briefing  and then we dive straight into the racing itself. At the conclusion of the racing we have a race summary and the winners presentation.
Another first for Wellington from Indoor Grand Prix is the individual teams lap counting monitors, which give you a minute by minute summary of the race, so you know exactly where your teams position is, and of that of your competitors.
The racing starts, with a standing grid start of up to eight drivers on the track, one from each team. Each team member will complete 10 laps and then upon a signal from their team mates will make their way to the pit lane for a driver change. Each team member will complete a minimum of three 10 lap segments, where upon the chequered flag will be waved to the winning team and you will have completed the Indoor Grand Prix Enduro Teams Racing.
At the conclusion of racing, all competitors will return to the lounge for a race summary and winners presentation, where at Indoor Grand Prix, everyone’s a winner.
  Race length dependent on team size.
  Examples only:
16 Drivers (8 Teams of 2)  Three Heat Race  -  60 Laps
21 Drivers (7 Teams of 3)   Four Heat Race   -  120 Laps
32 Drivers (8 Teams of 4)   Five Heat Race    -  200 Laps
  Enduro Racing Prices:
$30 - 3 heat
$35 - 4 heat
$40 - 5 heat
Endurance Lemans Racing
Groups of 5-10
The new and exciting format we have just adopted. For the true athlete try this race, for groups of 5-10. This race is a flat out sprint endurnace race. With options for pit stops, this flexible race option, tests the stamina of all involved.
Can you last the pace?
Choose from the 50 or 75 lap options.
Endurance Racing Prices:
$40.00 per person - 60 laps
$50.00 per person - 70 laps
$60.00 per person - 100 laps
Casual Racing

Come in after work - bring the kids in on the weekend - come with your mates and have a quick race around the track.

Casual Practice Sessions:
$15.00 – 10 minutes
$20.00 – 15 minutes
$25.00 – 20 minutes


Let us solve your catering problems. From $15 per head. Plus, bring your own wine and beer for after the race and relax in our large lounge with music.

Considering Indoor Karting?
Here's 8 great reasons why Indoor Grand Prix is your preferred choice:
Reason 1: Safety! Our karts are uniquely designed, to ensure maximum excitement, with the highest possible safety. We have the only karts in Wellington with fully enclosed wheels, providing the safest environment for all participants.
Reson 2: Speed! We have the fastest OSH registered karts in Wellington. Don't be fooled by pretenders. Only Indoor Grand Prix have the fastest karts in Wellington!
Reason 3: Corporate Karts! We are the only facility in New Zealand using two fleets of karts. For your race meeting, we will be using our Corporate karts, which are only used for Corporate events like yours. These karts are maintained to the highest standards to ensure your group enjoys the best karts in Wellington.
Reason 4: Grip! We have a special high grip surface allowing for faster cornering speeds. Why put up with slow tracks and all the slipping and sliding associated with them? Enjoy the high grip levels of Indoor Grand Prix, allowing you to experience the sensations in the past only achieved by pure racing outdoor karts.
Reason 5: Race Experienced Staff! All our team here at Indoor Grand Prix are experienced outdoor karters and multiple Wellington Champions. Enjoy the benefits of this every time you race at Indoor Grand Prix, with tips only the pro's can give you.
Reason 6: Teams Area! Multiple monitors allow you to watch the progress of your team and keep an eye on your opposition. There's no need for scores of people to crowd around one monitor. Indoor Grand Prix continues to lead in innovation.
Reason 7: Race Suits! Only Indoor Grand Prix offers all competitors Race Suits. Each team is provided with its own indivudual colour, making identifying team members easier - and keeping business clothes clean.
Reason 8: Best Indoor Activity! NZ's longest established Indoor Kart centre. Winner of Wellington's Tourism Award for Best Indoor Activity.

Come along to find out these and many more reasons why Indoor Grand Prix is "The Place to Race".

How to find us...

Indoor Grand Prix, 2 Westminster Street,
Kaiwharawhara, Wellington

Ph: 04 499-0676; Fax: 04 499-0645;
Tony: 021 295 2241
or Trina: 027 905 9191
Email: info@karting.co.nz

The conquest has begun...
You are crouching behind a wall, seeking cover in the smoky darkness of the room. Your ears strain for the slightest sound of your approaching assailant. Your index finger, seemingly pulsating with your heartbeat, twitches nervously on the trigger.
A footstep, you spin around. Out of the mist a gun is pointing directly at you and your reflexes propel you sideways and a brilliant red laser beam comes searing through the murky blackness towards you. In an instant you’re pounding the trigger, despatching a volley of piercing red beams into the shadows….
Introducing Q-Zar, the Indoor Laser Tag game for everyone, which is now open at Indoor Grand Prix. Corporate Functions, Birthday Parties, Stag do’s or even Hen’s nights, Q-Zar is a game everyone will enjoy. Our games are 15 minutes in duration and you can choose from Solo or Team game options.
Q-Zar Laser Tag - Game Length 15 minutes
$10 x 1 game or $15 x 2 games
OR $5 with any kart ride!
Indoor Mini-Golf - 18 holes - $5 per person


Indoor Grand Prix, 2 Westminster Street , Kaiwharawhara, Wellington
Ph: 04 499-0676; Fax: 04 499-0645; Mobile: 021 295 2241 or 027 905 9191; Email: info@karting.co.nz